**Sponsors Rules & Requirements**

Hello to all my lovely Sponsors,

I Follow all my sponsors Rules & Requirements ❤
My Blog have some rules and requirements for my sponsors.

● I will do all my monthly reports for all my sponsors Between the 28th and 31 of each month. Example (1July Report (June 1 – June 30)

● My Blog posts are from Fashion Events and designers around the grid, If your event or store have some issues with other events or stores, it is not my problem or business … I mix all my reviews and event Items. (I had this issue before :S)

● I won’t (reblog) repeat a same item because it is in a different Fashion Event.

● I will NOT blog Items that the template was a free one especially If Designers don't make that Item with unique changes on that Free Template.

● My Blog is an active one and therefore my sponsors are too … If your Store or Event is not an active one and I do not receive any items within a month, I will leave the group without prior notification.

● If I don’t feel comfortable blogging for your store anymore, I will leave the group without prior notification

Reasons for Leaving a Blogger Group:

1. NO New Items for a month.
2. Old Items sold again as NEW.
3. When I have to over edit your creations. I’m a blogger and I will not correct designers items on PS.

● I don’t use ADs photos of your Items for my Blog.

● I won’t post shoes, ears or anything with the old huds of changing skin color. I chose to give my followers the latest Trends in Fashion.

❤ Bri

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